I feel like Santa Claus.

Not because I'm generous, or look good in a red suit, or make children paranoid about being watched all the time. Wait, no, that is something I do. I have been known to walk by children in stores who are throwing fits, screaming and having their Veruca Salt "give it to me now" spoiled brat little tantrum and say, "Santa's watching you". I'm not going to tell you that my girls were perfect when they were little, but they were pretty darn close. I solved the issue of them feeling like they needed instant gratification by explaining they only get presents on special days, and if there was something they really liked, we'd put it on a wish list. By the time Erin was 3, she could browse the shelves of the toy stores and say, "Check this on my list". Her list would get pretty long by the time Christmas would roll around, and she certainly didn't get everything she asked for, but by that time she'd have moved on from wanting everything. Coincidentally, she also became a more savvy shopper. Even when very small, if she received cash for a birthday present she'd pull something down from a shelf she thought she'd like and look over the back of the packaging to see what came with the toy and hold on to it as she continued to look. If something better came along, the first item would go back, but if not she'd be ready to buy it. She'd also check her budget to make sure she had enough money for the item she wanted. If not, she'd again say, "Check it on my list". She still shops like that today, not making rash decisions but weighing her options. The reason I'm like Santa is because I make lists. I've even been known to check them twice. I use them for everything. Post-It Notes are the best! I've got my grocery list, my list of things I need to do on my day off, movies Jerry and I are going to watch; it just goes on and on. I've also got lists for wedding ideas - guests, music, venues, possible honeymoon places, and even a list of potential topics for this blog (which I've almost finished, so any ideas would be appreciated). It's safely established, then, that I like lists. I wonder why I have a problem printing out and using one of the to-do lists that are posted for all brides-to-be on every wedding website. I've thought about it a long time, and I've come to the conclusion that it's several things. First, I don't like doing what other people tell me to do. I come from a long line of stubborn people. Ask me to do something, I'm more than happy to; tell me to do it, fuggetaboudit! Let's blame genetics here. Secondly, I don't want to use someone else's list. I've been making them for years and feel quite capable. It seems kinda gross, like using someone else's toothbrush. Perhaps I'll just gloss over several of them and see if I've missed anything that I can add them to my list, because if I make a list gathered from several other places, won't that make it my list?

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