Ever Have One of Those Days?

Woke up to another day of "no work available". I do transcription, and fall is usually a busy time for hospitals. I guess people like getting their surgeries done after summer's over but before the holiday rush. Work does pick up in the afternoons, after I've been sitting here waiting and just becoming exhausted. I was so tired yesterday after my 8 hour shift. You may wonder how someone can become tired just sitting, but this kind of work is mentally draining. Took Erin to the thrift store yesterday to find a cowboy shirt for Cowboys and Indians Day at school. Shouldn't they have called it Cowboys and Native Americans Day? She ended up not even wearing the shirt we found (which ticked me off - guess we can re-donate it to charity). And don't forget the mandatory stop at Wal-Mart for milk (and a bandanna, of course). Then Mom wanted me to help her crop a picture and write a blurb about it for some club news she had to submit to the newspaper. If it's like this tomorrow, after the girls have gone to school I am going back to bed. I'm going to try to look at this no work thing in a positive light - at least it gives me time to log on here and write a bit. Jerry and I were talking yesterday about nothing in particular, just talking. Then I told him I was looking at wedding invitation styles online. Sometimes I feel like I may be thinking about it too much, and I get kind of embarrassed to bring it up to him, thinking he'll think I'm obsessing. Really, though, a lot of thought and planning goes into something like this and I'd hate to forget anything (which takes me back to the reason I like lists). Jerry has never rolled his eyes, though; he even says he loves that I'm thinking about it, and he thinks about it, too. He told me he was looking at wedding favors. He's come up with a great idea for a personalized favor that we can make. I'm excited about getting started on them. Not gonna tell you what they are, though, because if you're a guest and reading this I think you should be surprised. If you're not a guest, well then, I'll post pictures of everything after the event. Jerry's always been so clever and creative. I would have never thought of what he's come up with in a million years, and it's just perfect. I even have part of the needed supplies already, so that'll save us some money. Yay! At least the day wasn't a total wash.

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