It's raining, it's pouring.

The old man is snoring, supposedly. Frankly, I don't know how he could have slept with all the thunder and lightning going on around here last night. I actually went to bed at a decent hour, thinking I'd be well rested when the morning rolled around. That's a dream that hardly ever comes true, though. I usually wake up aching for just another hour of sleep. Last night I was awoken by the loud crash of thunder. It just rumbled on and on, like my stomach when I'm really hungry. I figured it was almost time to wake up anyway, so I crack open one eye to check the time on the clock - 1:30?! Seriously? Oh, no. I try to look on the bright side. At least we're finally getting some much needed rain. Maybe everyone's heads will stop hurting with all the pollen and sinus pressure. When did I finally fall back to sleep? I last looked at the clock around 5:45, but I must have fallen asleep because the alarm woke me up 15 minutes later. Now it's up and at 'em for a Monday morning, and Erin's been afraid that it isn't really Wacky Tacky Day at school, and she'll be the only one dressed in 2 different shoes, funky Halloween socks, and plaid leggings under some rolled up shorts topped off by a fountain of a ponytail sprouting from the top of her head. She probably will be anyway, but hopefully other kids will have some other sort of odd style of dress on today. I made the mistake last night of saying, "When I was a kid and we had these sorts of dress up days, I always wondered if I got the date right before I went to school." There's no worse type of death than dying from embarrassment when you're 12 years old. Erin went around stressing for about an hour and then said, "If it isn't Wacky Tacky Day, too bad. I'm dressing like this anyway. If they say I'm too distracting I'll just get sent home." I told her I'd bring her a new outfit if they called. She actually stopped worrying and got her ensemble together. Last night we baked a cake to take to school. All the 7th graders have to make a cell model, and apparently cake is the way to go. No Styrofoam for this group. Today we're going to decorate it with fruit roll-ups to make it look like it has a nucleus and such. And to top it off, there's no work available for me to do right now, so that means it's Monday and I'm already behind. In my job, work comes in over the computer, but sometimes there's a glitch or it's a slow day (usually the former) and I have to wait. Since I'm full time, I still have to do 8 hours of work a day, so this pushes everything back. I hate when I have work days like this. I can definitely tell it's Monday. Maybe I should go back to bed - it's stopped raining.

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