Light on My Feet

Update on the shoes. Took them out to look at them again, get an idea about how I was going to embellish them and make them fabulous. Hmm, they seemed a lot darker than I remember. Take them over to the dress - holy cow! What was I thinking?! Found such a good deal I was afraid if I waited around until I got a sample of my dress color the shoes in my size would be gone. Okay, no need to panic here. My girls like that style of drawing on tennis shoes with magic markers, could that work? No, get serious here, Jessica. Markers won't lighten up those shoes any, and doodles of hearts and flowers just isn't the look I'm going for. Anyway, these shoes aren't canvas, they're some sort of fake suede, or "fuede", if you will. Deciding I have nothing left to lose as if I ruin them I can always use them for doing yard work, I break out my acrylic paint in light pink. This time I prove my genius by holding the paint bottle next to my dress for a comparison. It's darker, yes, but not too bad. Gonna do a test area first, in case this fuede drinks paint. When that goes well, I do the entire shoe, and since I'm impatient when I'm working on a project I do what I do worst - watch paint dry. After it dried I had to test it, to see if it was going to crack and look awful. Nope, smooth moving! Got confident and added another layer of paint. Once this dried I did the "crack test" again and it was fine. The shoes are still darker than the dress, but not nearly as much as they were. I'm happy with the result. Still not done with the shoes, but now they seem well on their way. (The photo above is one before and one after the paint).

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