Going Grey

Just learned a couple of important lessons I thought I'd pass along. First, if you decide to color your hair, don't do it the day before the big event. Give it enough time to settle down a bit, because if it's not what you'd like, you'll have enough time to correct it. Secondly, and most importantly, when you go to buy your hair color, don't follow the advice of a 12-year-old Marvel Comics lover like my daughter Erin, the kid who says, "Don't get that one; it's too dark. Get this one. You used it before and it was pretty." I'll admit it. I had a coupon, and the color on the model on the box was pretty. It was close to the auburn shade I already had. And okay, I kind of glossed over the word "intense" in the color name. So, I get home and I'm putting this stuff all over the top of my hair and my older daughter Marilyn says, "Wow, that color looks like Leeloo from The 5th Element!" Of course, me of the infinite wisdom of someone who's colored her hair forever tells her, "Oh, it never looks the same when you're applying it as the final color does." It even says so on the box. And it's true. After showering and rinsing and conditioning and rinsing again my hair wasn't day glo orange. It was a very vibrant, intense red. Really, really red. Not auburn at all. On the plus side, when I stepped out of the bathroom to show my girls the final result, Erin, who just happens to be watching "X-Men" for the 33rd time says, "Ooh, it's pretty! You look just like Jean Grey!" I guess it could have been worse - she could have said Wolverine.

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