Lip Service

Trying to put my look together in my mind. I think my makeup should be subtle, at least my lipstick. I'd rather accent my eyes. My mouth reminds me of a story I used to hear when I worked in a pathology lab at a hospital doing transcription. Pathology is the place, in case you didn't know, where parts of the human body that are removed during surgery are sent to be analyzed. They get everything from colon polyps to legs (which brings to mind another funny story - remind me to tell it to you later). Seems the lady I replaced just couldn't ever type the correct wording. Every time one of the doctors would say "skin ellipse" she'd type "skinny lips", which is what I have - skinny lips. I'm on the hunt for a lip stain, I think. The 2 brands I already have are more like a shellac you put on with a spongy applicator and let dry, then top it with a clear gloss. I wish they didn't make my mouth feel so dry once the gloss wears off. I'd like something that actually colors the lips for a while, you know, stains them. I did some tests, and the Maybelline brand seemed to stay on pretty good, but the color I have is too dark. The other one is Hard Candy brand. The color's great - a pinkish color slightly darker than my own lips. It didn't seem to stay on as long as the Maybelline, though. It sure does smell good. So does the gloss; it's minty. If I was planning on eating some lip products, this would definitely be the one I'd choose. I think I'm going to have to keep looking.

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