Fuss Budget

Just a quick little update on my budget. Since black is one of the colors we're using, I thought it would be best to add a little of it as an accent in my bouquet. So, one $1.49 spool of black ribbon and $5 worth of black buttons later along with one more bag of that 77 cent wire, I created some more "button flowers", which I love. I think they look like flowers from outer space, maybe something you'd find Princess Leia carrying in her wedding to Han Solo. Okay, I feel the need to interject something at this point - I was a HUGE Star Wars geek when I was a kid, even to the point of knowing the name of the monster who lived in the trash compactor, which was Dia Noga, in case you didn't know. And was Jerry a Star Wars geek as a kid? Oh, yes he was, and that's just another of the many reasons I love this man so much! Now, back to the budget. I have been keeping track as I purchase items. I also got 3 bunches of little pink flowers for my shoes, which were 99 cents each. So, if my math is correct, and let's just assume that it is, everything including the dress, shoes, etc. comes to a grand total of $22.77 so far. The more I watch weddding shows on TV, the more I realize I'm doing very well budget-wise!!

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