In the Pink

It took me a while to decide on the wedding colors. There are so many colors I like; I guess that was my problem. Every time I'd see a cake in Tiffany blue with white accents I'd think, "Ooh, pretty!" Maybe that's just a built-in female reaction to that exact shade of blue, though. What an awesome advertising stunt, to almost have a trademark on a color, even have it named for your company, instilling in the women who see it a subconscious desire to want some diamonds and hope to look like Audrey Hepburn. I hope that advertising agent got a bonus! I'd browse around and see wedding photos online, referred to as "wedding porn" (although no nudity is involved, I don't know how it would look to your employer if you search for this phrase on a work computer), and get inspired by other couples' color choices. Red and black sure looks good with white, at least to me - it satisfies my sense of the dramatic. At first I didn't think colors were something I needed to think about right away, but really, everything else gets built around this decision - decorations, cake, flowers, bridesmaid's dresses, etc. Now, I've been watching that show on WeTV called "My Fair Wedding" starring super wedding and event planner, David Tutera. Every show starts out the same - some poor bride just 3 weeks before her wedding doesn't have anything quite ready yet, and Mr. Tutera comes in and saves her from disaster. It's pretty good to watch just for the faces he makes alone when he sees the crap these ladies want to use. I'm waiting for the one where he actually vomits. These brides do all have a theme, though, which was something I wasn't aware any wedding needed until I saw this show. For example, pirates, or swamps, or Day of the Dead (no, I'm not trying to be funny here, these are actual examples). David Tutera shows them how he can take the seed of their idea and make a fabulous wedding with only a huge buget and his good taste. Don't get me wrong, if Mr. Tutera wants to drop by unexpectedly 3 weeks before my wedding and take over after I've put a lot of thought into everything, he's more than welcome to, as long as I don't have to pay any taxes on his "gift". The more I thought about it, the more I doubted an actual theme was necessary. After all, I haven't used a theme in decorating since my "Southwestern Look" fiasco complete with cacti. I think the color combo is a good jumping off point. Now, if you've been reading these ramblings regularly you know I have a vintage formal pink dress I'm going to wear, so it only makes sense that pink is one of the colors. That's a bit bland, so I thought adding fuschia was in order, especially since it's my favorite color and even Jerry likes it. We'll round it off with accents of black and white and we're on our way. Jerry drew the line at a matching pink suit, though.