Wild Hair

My hair is insane! There - I said it. Now, is it like Catch-22, I know it's crazy therefore it can't be? I don't think that's the case this time. Once upon a time I had reliable hair. I could always count on it to do the same thing every time. Even though that same thing was lying perfectly straight, at least there were no surprises. I was the only girl in high school with a bob, while everyone else had big, fluffy hair. Oh, how I wanted those bouncy curls, that luxurious body, hair that touched the ceiling of the car when I got in! I was destined for a life in the flat lane, or so I thought. At age 38, after 14 days of chemo my hair started coming out in clumps until eventually, by the end of 3 months of treatment, I was almost completely bald. As my new hair grew back, I immediately noticed something. This new hair was wavy, curly even! What the hell was I supposed to do with that?! I've never had curly hair in my life. Crap! I just let it grow, using combs and barrettes, trying to get a handle on my hair situation. Now that my hair is almost to my bra strap, I guess the weight of it all has taken out some of the curl, but it still definitely has body, and it's thicker than twice what my original hair was. There was a time when I could roll out of bed, run my fingers through my hair and look like it was brushed. Now, the breeze from the air conditioner can put knots in it. I've gotten used to it, though, and even like it, knots and all. That still doesn't mean I know how to style it well. Lately I've been putting those heat sticks in my hair and it seems to do pretty well. I'm thinking I'll do my hair like this for the wedding (I bet you were wondering when I was going to get back around to that subject), but maybe put a comb in it with one of the flowers I've made. I dunno. Jerry, he of the beautiful bald shaved head, likes my hair up. I'm going to have to practice some styles until I find something we both like, I think. Most of the stuff I see online is really elaborate or just not what I'd ever do. I mean, a side bun, really? Why not just go with Princess Leia's double bun earmuff look? Wait, that Leia the slave girl hairstyle wasn't really that bad, was it?.....

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