Sister Act

I'm pretty thrifty, but my sister is a pro at it. She can clip coupons and find discounts until she walks away from the grocery store with them paying HER. This is a picture of my sister and me when I was about 7, I guess, making her 3. I'm concentrating on blowing the perfect bubble, but she's making a face, probably because Mom paid full price for those bubbles. She's still cute. As soon as I get some more concrete ideas about things I'd like to have for the wedding, I'll ask her if she'd be kind enough to lend her expertise. She knows all the best discount places, both online and out in the brick and mortar world, but I don't want to waste her time until I've got great ideas. I helped with her wedding. I even sewed her dress, which was beautiful, with a red train and strands of large pearls across an open back. Very unique and totally her. That was also the time my Mom and I learned that if you put pretty fondant roses in a shoebox and put them in an un-airconditioned car trunk in May for a 2 hour car ride to Florida, they will turn to puddles. Okay, I'm crossing fondant roses off my list just to be safe.

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