Building - A Mystery

Trying to find a venue for the ceremony can be pretty complicated - and expensive. Not being religious, we knew a church wedding wasn't something we'd be comfortable with. Plus, that's a little to stiff and formal for our tastes. So then, somewhere fun where we won't have to worry about people feeling uncomfortable is what we're looking for. That lets the local museum out, because as beautiful a setting as that would be, I'd worry about somebody knocking a priceless work of art off the wall. (Oh, and I know that it's a local museum, and nothing in there is priceless, but it wouldn't stop them from charging me for it like it was). Plus, there's stairs there, and I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most graceful woman in the world. I've heard too many stories of haunted hotels where the ghost bride that haunts the place got that way because she took a header on the stairs on the way to marital bliss. And truthfully, I think $750 is a bit pricey. We did go see my fiance's (Wow, did I just use that term? Squee!) former roommate perform his Elvis act at a place that wasn't too fancy, had plenty of space and I didn't see one single piece of art on the walls. They were way within our budget, too, with the total cost being around $150, and that includes the clean up fee, tables and chairs. Yay!

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