Stepping Out

Next step seems to be shoes - my feet shouldn't change size, so this will be safe to go ahead and get out of the way if the opportunity presents itself, and it did. Being one of the tallest kids in my class for years, I never felt comfortable in heels, although I only ended up topping out at 5' 6". Now when I try to wear heels, I end up getting foot cramps, which is not something I'd like to happen on my wedding day. So, to avoid that I'm going with flats. Thank goodness ballerina flats came back in style a little while ago. Found a pair of pink fabric flats slightly darker than my dress (which is okay with me). Better yet, on clearance for $5! Gonna embellish them with flowers, just to make them look one of a kind and distract from the fact that I found them at Wal-Mart.

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