Blooming Idiot

Alright - do you know what flowers cost? Holy cow! Tack on that magic word "wedding" and you get to pay extra. They are beautiful, but they don't last forever. I think I've always preferred potted plants to a dozen roses - something that lasts a lot longer. Of course, I'd sure look silly walking down the aisle carrying a rose bush in a pot. Not to mention the dirt I'd undoubtedly end up spilling on my dress. So, the potted plant being a no-go, I'd have to find something else. My thumb is anything but green, so growing my own flowers is out of the question. Stopped by, which led me to again. Saw some great ideas - flowers made from felt or ribbon or buttons and got inspired. Too cute, and will last forever. Plus, I just happened to have a giant jar of buttons and a square of both white and pink felt. Went back to Wal-Mart (okay, small towns suck sometimes, with no craft stores and Wal-Mart about to close their fabric department completely). Pink ribbon in the shade of my dress on clearance (I take this as a sign from God)! Snatch up 10 yards for $3.50, then stroll over to the plastic flowers section and get 2 packs of florist wire for .77 cents each, or $1.54. Oh, and made several from the tissues that they wrap your delicates in at Victoria's Secret. Yes, I am talking about saving money and went to VS. I had a bogo (buy one get one) free coupon, so grabbed 2 pairs of undies for the price of 1. The pink tissue with the fuschia hearts made the cutest flowers, I think. I've yet to finish my bouquet, and plan to make 2 smaller ones for my daughters, but so far I've got a nice collection going. Once I alter my dress, I'll use some of that fabric and tulle to make even more flowers.

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