All Choked Up

Noticed it looks like there's a lot of real estate between the bustline of my dress and my face....I guess a little jewelry is in order. My fiance, Jerry, is always so thoughtful as to send me collections of etsy items to browse through. It's like window shopping online. I've been noticing that I like these quirky necklaces that have flowers on them, and ribbon, and pearls. They're very beautiful and different, but may be a little overwhelming for my look. Something similar then, but a bit more understated. Maybe I could make something from some of the costume jewelry I've collected, add a brooch to a strand of pearls. Rummaging around I find a necklace I picked up at Goodwill last year (yes, I frequent Goodwill. You never know what'll be there. I've picked up genuine Gucci and Louis Vuitton items - it's like an indoor yard sale!). The necklace cost me a grand total of $3. It has to be from the 50's, I think. A choker style of a triple strand of pearls with a giant "pearl" in the middle surrounded by little metal flowers with rhinestones in their centers. When I got it the strings had gotten so old a couple of them had broken, so the necklace was actually in a little baggie. I took some nylon thread I had on hand and re-strung the necklace, every strand just to be sure it wouldn't break on me while I was out and about. It still needs rhinestones placed into 2 of the little flowers, but I was given (as in free) a bag of little junk jewelry and I think there are a couple of loose stones floating around in there. Now, if I can only have that kind of luck with some earrings!

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