Sticker Shock

Surfing the web today, I came across a shocking statistic. The average wedding costs almost $20,000! I'm trying to fathom why.....Are people flying in all of their guests on their own dime? Who's catering the event - Tom Colicchio? I think my goal should be more along the lines of 10% of that total, and I think that's totally do-able. Hopefully less. I'll try to keep a running tally. I heard something on Oprah once, and I think it can be applied to lots of things in life, not just purses. "I'd rather have a $50 handbag with $500 in it than a $500 handbag with $50 in it." Of course, you know Oprah didn't say that because she could still have $500 in a $500 purse. Frankly, I have never even paid that much for a purse. I think $25 for a $100 on 75% off was my biggest splurge. Just think about how that $20,000 could be much better spent on a down payment on a home. Guess I'm just really practical. We're not out to impress people with how extravagant we can be. And, although I'm excited about the thought of having a wedding, I'm way more excited about getting spend the rest of my life married to the man of my dreams.

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