Our Rings!

I had been looking around to find someone to solder the 2 pieces that would make up each of our wedding rings for a while. Some people didn't want to do it because, frankly, they didn't make the jewelry and wouldn't be making enough profit. Greedy bastards! After seriously contemplating using J.B. Weld, I decided to try one more place, and their jewelry-maker on staff was very nice. He really liked the ring design. I showed him exactly how I wanted the initials to be centered on the rings and he did a little drawing so he could get it right. Then the sales lady came over so she could take a picture of what I wanted to he would be sure to get it right. Only she placed everything backwards in the photo! I showed her at least 5 times how I wanted it, but she just couldn't get it through her tiny brain. Luckily, the jewelry guy knew what I was talking about (and just to be sure, I asked if it could be taken back apart should it be done incorrectly). He told me he could have it ready by the next day since I had come in at 4:30 in the afternoon. Good enough for me! After running a few errands I got home to a ringing phone. It was the jewelry store telling me the rings were ready. He liked them so much he couldn't wait to get working on them. It cost $34 to get them both soldered, which was about what it cost to have them made, but at least they're finished and ready. We love them - Jerry's design is perfect!

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