Finishing Touches

Is it really this easy? Do I really have everything checked off my list of things to do (aside from last minute stuff, of course)? Yesterday I went to town with Mom and the girls and we ran a few errands. Payed for the venue, ordered the cupcakes, got some extra napkins. Aside from buying backup drinks for people who don't care for punch, that's it! I've gone over my to-do list several times and there's nothing else to do but wait for the big day. Jerry's wrapping up the last minute additions to the music playlist, too. Of course, that's when I'll be running around like crazy finally remembering things I even forgot to write down on my precious list. Got my makeup appointment with the fabulous guy at Belk - first he said 3:00, but when I asked if he could do false eyelashes he got a gleam in his eye and said, "Let's make it 2:30 just to be safe." Think I'm capable of doing my own hair. Can't do it too early because of some genetic defect that never allows anyone in my family's hair to stay looking like they want it for longer than 1 hour, no matter how much product is involved. The wedding's getting closer and I'm so excited!

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