I Do - I Will!

I've been asked by the man I've loved for most of my life to marry him! Strangely, although I've always dreamed of marrying him, I've never visualized the wedding. I know! Doesn't every woman, since she was a little girl, fantasize about every little aspect? Doesn't she have a scrapbook full of pictures, ideas, drawings, guest lists with girls' names crossed off in crayon after a playground fight, the perfect dress, the venue, a detailed list of music to play and not to play, bridesmaids and dress styles guaranteed to make them not look as good as the bride? Cost doesn't matter, of course, because Daddy's footing the entire bill. Well, I guess I'm backwards. Whereas these ladies fill in all the little details and leave one little blank for the groom, I've got the man I've always wanted to marry but not one wedding detail.

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